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Leitrim's Hidden Treasure - McNamara Family

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McNamara Family

1. The Holly Bush/Leitrim's Greig's Pipes/The Cornhill/The Old Dudeen (Reels) 2. The Barony Jig/The Leitrim Quickstep/Moll Roe (Slip Jigs) 3. Old Man Quinn/The Shaskeen (Hornpipes) 4. Miss Dunbarr/Green Fields of America/The Reels of Tully/The Musical Priest (Reels) 5. Síle Ní Ghadhra (Air/Jig/Piece) 6. Tandragee/The Mouse in the Cupboard/Larry the Beer Drinker (Jigs) 7. The Bold Soldier Boy/Logier's/Miss Gunning's Rant (Air/Hornpipe/Reel) 8. Michael Creamer's/The Humours of Tooma (Reels) 9. Morgan's (Hornpipe) 10. The Tramp's Reel/Cut the Sod (Reels) 11. The Unfortunate Rake/The Humours of Ballingarry (Jigs) 12. The Low Level/Flood's (Hornpipes) 13. Greig's Pipes/The London Lasses/The Nine Points of Knavery (Reels) 14. The Humours of Glin/Grier's # 249 (Jigs) 15. Grier's # 16/Chief O'Neill's Visit (Hornpipes) 16. O'Connell's Reel/The Mountain Lark/The Cloone Reel/Bernie McKiernan's Dream (Reels) 17. Miss Simple's Reel/The Humours of Bolton Street/Bring her to the Shelter/Miss Gunning's (Reels)