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Master Pipers Vol.1 - Johnny Doran

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Johnny Doran has long been acknowledged as one of the greatest uilleann pipers known to traditional music. The influence exerted by his music on other players is incalculable, and remarkable especially for a musician who never issued a commercial recording. During his lifetime he generated a love for music and for the pipes wherever his life as a travelling piper took him throughout rural Ireland in the 1930s and '40s. He directly inspired other musicians, notably Willie Clancy in Co Clare, to devote their lives to the uilleann pipes. These recordings were originally made in 1947, by Kevin Danaher of Comhairle Bhéaloideas Éireann on acetates using state-of-the-art equipment of the time which could capture a wide frequency spectrum and dynamic range. They were re-mastered by Harry Bradshaw using the latest techniques for the first issue on CD. The music of Johnny Doran continues to captivate audiences today and Na Píobairí Uilleann with thanks to The National Folklore Collection are pleased to announce re-issue of this iconic recording including the extensive sleeve notes by Pat Mitchell and Jackie Small. 1. Coppers and Brass/The Rambling Pitchfork/The Steampacket (Jigs/Reel) 2. The Bunch of Keys/Rakish Paddy/The Bunch of Keys (Reels) 3. Tarbolton/The Fermoy Lasses (Reels) 4. An Chúileann (Air) 5. Sliabh na mBan (Air) 6. Colonel Fraser/My Love Is In America/Rakish Paddy (Reels) 7. The Sweep's/The Harvest Home/The High Level/The Harvest Home (Hornpipes) 8. The Job of Journeywork (Set Dance) 9. The Blackbird (Set Dance) 10.The Sweep's/The Harvest Home/The High Level/The Harvest Home (Hornpipes)