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Emmett Gill - The Mountain Groves

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The Ace & Deuce of Piping Vol. 2. This is the long awaited first solo album from London born piper Emmett Gill. A keen interest in early recordings of uilleann pipes and fiddle reflect his choice of tune settings on this album.

1. Reels: Gardiner's Daughter/ Snow on the Hills

2. Hornpipes: Poll Ha'penny/The Mountain Groves

3. Jigs: Down the Back Lane/Donnybrook Fair/Scully Casey's

4. Air: Mo Ghrádh-s an Jug Mór is é Lán

5. Jigs: Mama's Pet/Hinchey's Delight

6. Set Dance: The Garden of Daisies

7. Air: Lord Mayo

8. Reels: Gan Ainm/Port na Giobóige

9. Jigs: Tatter Jack Walsh/Cliffs of Moher

10. Reels: The Bag of Spuds/The Shepard's Daughter

11. Hornpipes: Buck from the Mountain/Spellan the Fiddler

12. Jigs: Julia Clifford's/Paddy Whack

13. Set Dance: Seán Ó Duibhir a' Ghleanna

14. The Slaney Bog/The Dublin Lads