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A New Harvest

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A Generation of Uilleann Pipers
1. Peadar Giles - Snug in the blanket: The Mouse in the Cupboard (Jigs) 2. Colm Broderick - Micho Russell’s, Lord McDonald (Reels) 3. Fionntan Byrne - Fisher’s, The Fairies’ Hornpipe (Hornpipes) 4. Alexander Suarez Mendez - The Dear Irish Boy (Air) 5. Joseph Byrne - The Queen of the Rushes, The Battering Ram (Jigs) 6. Claire Fennell - I am waiting for you, The Wheels of the World (Reels) 7. Peadar Giles - Kitty got a Clinking Coming from the Fair (Flings) 8. Kieran Joy - Na Connerys (Air) 9. Claire Fennell - Chief O Neill’s & The Wicklow Hornpipe(Hornpipes) 10. Robert Fell - Fr. O’Grady’s trip to Brockagh, The Satin Slipper (Reels) 11. Fionntan Byrne - Down the Back Lane, Paddy Whack (Jigs) 12. Eimhear Nic Comhaill - Hardiman the Fiddler, The Humours of Tralee (Slip Jigs) 13. Kieran Joy - A Chailleach do Mhaireas mé, An Phis Fluich (Jigs) 14. Alexander Suarez Mendez - The Dublin Lads, The Bag of Spuds (Reels) 15. Joseph Byrne - The Foggy Dew, The Campaigner, O’Donnell Abú (Marches) Published by Na Píobairí Uilleann (2018)