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Art of Uilleann Piping 3 DVD

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85 Minute Higher Intermediate Guide to Uilleann Piping in Multi-Region DVD Format Building on the technique and tunes from volumes 1 and 2, Gay McKeon and Nollaig MacCárthaigh focus on broadening the range of dance tunes - mazurkas, polkas, set dances, slip jigs, as well as the by now familiar double jigs and reels - that make up the piper's repertoire. In each section there is some new technique taught and in this Volume tunes are taught in pairs, expanding greatly the store of music acquired by the learner. A major feature of this third volume is the very comprehensive introduction to regulator playing, bringing a whole new dimension to the learner's piping. The accompanying CD has been included to help the learner become familiar with the tunes before turning to the video, and as before there is a booklet containing notation of all the tunes played. Contents Section 1: Mazurkas - "The Donegal Mazurka and "Sonny Brogan's". Section 2: Double Jigs - "Australian Waters" and "When Sick is it Tea you Want"? Section 3: Polkas - "Sliabh Luachra" and "Tommy Reck's" Section 4: Hornpipes - "The Boys of Blue Hill" and "Dunphy's". Section 5: Reels - "The Curragh Races" and "Drowsy Maggie". Section 6: Set Dance - "The Ace and Deuce of Piping". Section 7: Slip Jigs - "Will You Come Down to Limerick?" and "Hardiman the Fiddler" Section 8: Introduction to Regulator Playing