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Joe Doyle - Music for the Irish Pipes II

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Music for the Irish Pipes - Volume II

by Joe Doyle
  The music contained in this collection consists of tunes - dance tunes, Carolan pieces and airs - that Joe Doyle has learned from musical friends, manuscripts and the playing of individual, celebrated pipers. Joe has taught them over many years, often refining his versions to make them more accessible to his students, but never losing what he considers to be the piping essence of each tune. As he has dealt with students with all degrees of ability, Joe has developed his own musical notation for his classes - an elaborate form of the commonly used ABC shorthand that facilitates learners who have not had the opportunity to acquire musical literacy. In order to provide access to the widest possible audience, Joe's personal notation system has been incorporated into the settings by Tim Doyle. It is hoped that this will facilitate learners of all abilities, and perhaps also provide a painless road to the acquisition of the skill of reading standard music notation. A4, softback, 170pp., staff notation and ABC, alphabetical index. Foreword by Peter Browne.