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Joey Abarta - King of the Blind

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1. Johnny Allen's/The West Wind/The Boy in the Cap ( Reels) 


2. Any Ol' Jig Will Do/The Black Rock/Top it Off (Hop Jigs) 

3. The Longford Piper/The Balintore Fancy/Follow Me Up to Carlow (Single Jigs)

4. A Stór Mo Chroí/Denis Murphy's March (Song Air/March) 

5. The Faery Queen (Piece)

6. Humors of Ballymanus/Ellenore O’Grady's (Slip Jigs)

7. The Bells of Liscarroll/The Humour of Ballinamult (Jigs)

8. King of the Blind (Piece)

9. Dan Sullivan's Favorite/ The Old Vest and Cravat/ Billy Taylor's Fancy (Hornpipes)

10. The Old Hag in the Kiln/The Repeal of the Union (Jigs)

11. Hartnett's Ace and Deuce of Pipering/Séan O'Dwyer of the Glen (Set Dances)

12. The Garryowen (March)

13. The Lament for Limerick (Air)

14. Your Welcome Home/ Ownie Davy's / Cunningham's Fancy (Reels)