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Piper's Choice Music Collection

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The Piper's Choice series of DVDs was started in 2008, with the purpose of giving lovers of Uilleann piping the opportunity to get as close as possible  to modern piping practice. The series is a unique and innovative document, revealing the considerations that great pipers take into account when approaching their art. Fidelity to tradition is tempered with musical imagination to produce a dynamic form of music. This is music that is always modern, and can surprise the listener, because it is renewed in the hands of master players. It is also solidly grounded because the connection with accumulated tradition is never broken. It can be described as timeless but is completely relevant to our time. This collection has been put together by pipers, the pipers who played the music, Joe Doyle who notated it, Tim Doyle who made the formal settings in Sibelius, and Terry Moylan who designed and edited the book. pp 341 ISBN-13: 9781916429703 Published 2018