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Sean McKeon - To the City

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  1.  The Flax in Bloom / The Strawberry Blossom (feat. John Blake)
  2.  Thomond Bridge / Phillips' Hornpipe (feat. John Blake)
  3. Molly Brannigan's / The Stolen Purse / Dinny Delaney's (feat. John Blake & Liam O'Connor)
  4.  Planxty Davis / The New Line to Loughaun (feat. John Blake)
  5.  Lucky in Love / The Dublin Lads (feat. John Blake)
  6.  Beauty Deas an Oileáin (feat. Liam O'Connor)
  7. Maurice Scanlon's / The Miners of Wicklow (feat. John Blake)
  8.  The Shepherd's Daughter / The Trip to Durrow (feat. John Blake)
  9.  Josie Begley's / Building Up and Tearing England Down (feat. John Blake)
  10. Killoran's / The Widow's Daughter (feat. John Blake)
  11.  The Morning Thrush (feat. John Blake)
  12. The Lark in the Morning/ Willie Clancy's (feat. John Blake)
  13. The Pleasures of Hope/ The Fairy Queen (feat. John Blake)
  14.  Famous Ballymote/ John Dwyer's/ The Master's Return (feat. John Blake & Liam O'Connor)