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The Caves of Cong - Brian Stafford & Josie Nugent

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1. The Rocky Road to Dublin, An Maidrín Rua (Fox Hunters' Jig) 2. The Green Pidgeon, Fair Maids of Ireland 3. Annie Laurie, Brian O'Neill quadrilles 4. Ó! mo ċailín d'imṫiġ sí! (Oh! My Darling Left Me!) 5. Bríste bréidín (Tweed Trousers) hop jig, An Fear Mór (The Big Man) 6. The Kerry Lassie, The Lisburn Lasses, The Fermoy Lasses 7. Fitzgerald's Hornpipe, The Steamboat 8. The Merry Old Woman, The Merry Old Woman, Nóra an ċoriṫ (Nora of the Corath) 9. The Caves of Cong (Bean an Ḟir Ruaḋ) 10. The Old Foxhunter's Jigg 11. The Boy in the Gap, Sean Reid's Reel 12. Cailleaċ a ṁarḃuiġis mé (Hag! You've Killed Me), The Geese in the Bog 13. The Acorn Stomp, The Razzle Dazzle 14. Máire an Ṗórtair (Mary with the Porter), Kiss the Widow 15. Miss Pierce's Reel, Miss Walker's Favourite, Reel 105