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Kevin Rowsome - The Rowsome Tradition

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Kevin Rowsome - Uilleann Pipes

A recording involving three generations of music from one family is indeed a considerable achievement. The fact that this recording features the third, fourth and fifth generations of musicians  / musical instrument makers makes it especially unique. Kevin Rowsome is the fifth generation of his musical dynasty. In his own right, Kevin is widely acclaimed as an outstanding uilleann piper. He has spent many years building on his talent by playing, performing, teaching and listening to other great players. In 1991, Kevin first gained public recognition when he won first prize in the Oireachtas Festival. Close to one hundred years earlier Kevin's great great uncle Tom Rowsome competed in and won the same competition. His total command of the instrument comes to the fore on track 10 "Staker Wallace", demonstrated by the effortless ease and flow in which this piece is played. This lament was also recorded by his grandfather, Leo ("Rí na bPíobairí" - Claddagh CCI) - Mick O'Connor

1. The Limestone Rock/The Five Mile Chase (Reels)

2. The Woods of Kilkenny/Young Roger was a Ploughboy (Hornpipes)

3. The Broken Pledge/The College Groves (Reels)

4. The Wexford Hornpipe/Murphy's (Hornpipes)

5. The Woodcock/Put On Your Clothes (Jigs)

6. Up and about in the Morning/Old Man Dillon (Jigs)

7. The Dublin Lasses/John Doherty's (Reel/Highland)

8. Blind Mary (Air)

9. Kilcooley Woods/The First Of May (Hornpipes)

10. Staker Wallace (Air)

11. Kitty's Rambles/Fraher's (Jigs)

12. Trip to Bantry/The Coming of Spring (Jigs)

Archive Recordings:

13. O'Donnell Abu/The Boys of Wexford (Marches)

14. The Liverpool Hornpipe (Hornpipe)

15. The Irish Rover (Set Piece) 1

6. Freedom for Ireland Polka Set (Polkas)

17. An Raibh tú ag an gCarraig (Air)

18. The Coolin (Air)