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Tommy Martin - Shady Woods

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Tommy Martin - Pipes, Flute, Fiddles and Banjo
  1. The Dublin Lads/The Flags of Dublin/The Four Knocks (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin)
  2.  The First Slip/Hardy Man the Fiddler/The Yellow Wattle Slip Jigs. (Uilleann pipes - Tommy Martin, Patsy O'Brien - Guitar and Kevin Buckley - Fiddle)
  3. The Cloone Hornpipe (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin)
  4. Molly from Longford/The Wise Maid (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin, Bernie McDonald - Guitar and Eileen Gannon - Harp)
  5. The Shady Woods of Truagh/Jack Wade’s Reel Slow Air/ Reel (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin)
  6. Wallop The Spot/The Leg of the Duck/Temple Hill Jigs (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin)
  7. The Maple Leaf/The Man of Aran Reels (Low Whistle - Tommy Martin, with Bernie McDonald - Guitar and Eileen Gannon - Harp)
  8. Richard Dwyers/Late in the Night/Jack in the Box/Seamus Thompson’s Reel Reels (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin)
  9. Humors of Ballykeal/Sgt. Earlys Jig/The Shady Woods of Old Limerick Jigs (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin and Patsy O'Brien on Guitar)
  10. Terry Heigh Ho the Grinder/The Rakes of Drumlish Slip Jigs (Tommy Martin - Flute, Bernie McDonald - Guitar and Eileen Gannon - Harp)
  11. Eleanor Kane’s/The Gooseberry Bush/The Spinners Delight Reels (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin and Kevin Buckley - Fiddle)
  12. The Fox Chase (Uilleann Pipes - Tommy Martin)
  13. Green Grow the Rushes O/The Jolly Banger Barndances