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Uinseain de Búrca Hand-Stiched Bag

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Uinseain de Búrca Traditional Standard uilleann pipes bag, black leather, hand stitched. Bags are made from the centre of the leather hides to guarantee the least porosity and best consistency. All bag leather is tannery sealed and needs no additional seasoning. Bags are double stitched by hand, meaning there are four threads going through each hole. Maximum Length x Width: 760mm (31.1in) x width 290mm (11.4 in). May be a few millimetres shorter due to the effect of tight stitching Neck opening: Suits a chanter stock of max 27mm (1.06 in) diameter (though this increases if you shorten the neck). Bag Leather: Black, 1.4mm (3.5 ounce) average thickness.